Dedicated digital design

As a freelance UI/UX designer, I add value to (web) applications, software or websites with a well-thought-out design! 

I'm happy to help you with my services...

The added value of UI/UX design

A well-thought-out design is essential for a successful application or website.

I help you create:

In addition, I go for a distinctive design that fits the target audience and your goals.

For a successful design, I focus on...

Your organization

A successful collaboration is the basis for a successful product. That's why I would like to get to know you and help you!

The user

I focus on usability and accessibility. Think for example of a clear menu structure (usability) and sufficient contrast (accessibility).

Style and experience

Tailored to the target audience and matching the product. I consciously think about typography, color, style elements and animations and substantiate my choices.

Aesthetically attractive design

For example, an attractive design creates balance and focus. It can also evoke positive emotion.

Consistent style and experience

A unified style and experience provides grip and makes the product understandable.

Well-thought-out interaction and flow

Holding and guiding the user's focus and attention helps achieve certain goals. For example, the checkout process of a webshop.

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